Tuesday 28 October 2008

A tumbleweed of a day
I forgot
To take fish from the freezer
For dinner
Up to my elbows in mud
Pete's 50th birthday
The day Billy buried his mum

Steve's racing 'round the harbour in a yacht
In his element
Norma can't decide what colour
To paint the lounge –
Filled with boxes
Leaving no mental space for yoga

Deidra put two loads of washing out
And invited us to an early BBQ Guy Fawkes
Jackie invited us to her 40th
On 6 December
.... would love to go

Thoughts of Billy's mum fall over me like a blanket
It's all so relevant and important
Every minute
The little and the big of it

... 96 years ...

Margaret Musgrove taught me
That we are defined and contained
by the habits repetitions attitudes and gestures
of our everyday interactions in the world
and these little aspects
are as impactful and as relevant
as our grandest action and highest thought

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