Thursday 30 October 2008

Whistling Billy
Steve makes some Nestle Capuccino
From a packet
Says "it's alright"
Adds some more sugar

We missed the ferry
With a tack and a panic

Steve missed the boom
The gale in the wind had caught the sails
But the headsil sheet had jammed
And things got
Crazy and hairy
for a minute

large bow
its quite big
- the ferry -
up close

Steve was magnificent
Everwhere at once

Worked out the where of to go
The how seemed to work itself out
Herringbone across the harbour
Into Kaipakarikiriki
Big yellow buoy
And all it offers
Safe haven

Steve hooked it
And his 100kilos dragged down the 6" walkway
On his belly
To the stern

Differing ideas of "idle"
Now called neutral

I think we'll stay put for a while
Appreciate the quiet
The bush, birds and fish

And enjoy our curiosity of each other

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