Claim to Clay

A joint exhibition with painter Joanna Fieldes at Auckland Botanic Gardens
14 Nov 2010 until 9 Jan 2011

invitation claim to clay

Several years ago I purchased one of Joanna Fieldes's paintings at an art auction. I later Googled Joanna and fell in love with another work but had to make arrangements with the gallery and my credit card to pay it off.

Later I telephoned Joanna to let her know where her works had ended up and how much we enjoyed them.

In 2009 Joanna phoned and invited me to show with her at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Hugely flattered my mind started racing and ideas began to evolve.

Ideas about colonialism:
Early settlers arriving with their trunks of treasures, clothes, objects of ritual, habits and behaviours - aspects of culture held in object; vessels as guardians of ritual.
I have pondered how out-of-place some objects would have been in this landscape, ornate redundancy, almost ludicrous in its new context. The sacredness some objects would have been elevated to and the importance of heirlooms as connections to an ancestral past; the privilege of art, the necessity of craft - capability - and compromise of materials.

Objects are more than useful vessels. They hold more than the contents of their utilitarian purpose.

Working on an exhibition is such a privilege. It takes me to thoughts I may not otherwise have and the exhibition itself, although made up of various works, takes on an entity of its own in its collective.

When I look at the objects I have made for this exhibition "claim to clay", I am intrigued by both the questions I put to myself and the answers I find to them.

To view the works please click on the images:

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