RSM Law Plunket Art Show 2015

Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru 8-24 May. A group exhibition.

expressions of form

I had wanted to explore one form and when I was invited to be part of this exhibition it presented the perfect opportunity.

These works "Expressions of Form" explore movement, expansion and contraction, propulsion and breath. Through slight adjustments to one form, one step leading to the next, I enjoyed the sense of movement which developed over the series and the emotional subtleties each held. The form rolling in on itself, protective, holding onto its fullness and then stretching out, releasing. I imagine anemones and some microscopic sea creatures having similar movement.

The regular patterning of dots follows and accentuates the form and the red interior, when it holds light, is energetic - a biological colour - connecting these vessels to us.

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