I’m Pulse

Solo Exhibition – The Suter, Nelson – July 2013

I'm Pulse was a solo exhibition by Marlborough-based ceramic artist, Fran Maguire, held at The Suter (Nelson's public art gallery) and expanded on the work and idea which achieved a Merit at the prestigious Portage Ceramic Awards late 2012.

The ceramic wall installation comprising 700 ceramic 'pulses' responded to the concept of population and explored theories of evolution, genetics, ecology and communication.

The 'pulses' or 'cells' were arranged in a loose grid-like format across the walls of the gallery. These concave or convex forms were individualised with graphic designs that mimic physical sensations such as pulses and vibrations. The design of each cell implies that it is part of, or relies on something else. As a whole work, I'm Pulse became a resonating field of transmitters and receivers that reflected the complex inter-relationship of matter at a micro and macro level.

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I'm Pulse - sound - track 8

I'm Pulse - floor talk

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