Duck Diving

Duck Diving holds my big thoughts about life.

These images are adapted from a series of books I continue to work on.  They playfully explore my thoughts about perspective, perception, opportunity, experience, spirituality, meta physics, quantum physics and reality.  They document my evolving philosophy of life and my limited understanding of who I am within it (and with out it).

I was travelling in Europe and Morocco for almost two and a half years from 2016, living in a camper van and working using my camera and computer. The mask in these images is an antique Japanese Noh-Drama mask which is resident in the camper van. She was a gift to my friend from his grandmother Yvonne who had visited Kyoto with her husband Leon Rosenfeld. Yvonne was an astrophysicist and Leon one of the pioneers of quantum theory. Two days before the opening of this exhibition I was curious to see what “the Google” could tell me about the mask and was astounded to read: “Noh is often based on tales from traditional literature with a supernatural being transformed into human form as a hero narrating a story.”  Which resonates true with my thinking and reinforces my expression within the work.

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